This note presents a short quantitative analysis on how I used Tp-Note in 2020. Tp-Note is a note taking template system, that generates (by default Markdown) note files from clipboard data.


The following numbers summarize my not work related note-taking in 2020:

  • Number of note files generated with Tp-Note:
    • 749 files
  • Total disk usage:
    • 3.8 MiB
    • 963 file system nodes
  • Total of bytes in note files:
    • 1.3 MiB

Note: Most of the file are so small, that the ratio between the payload 1.3 MiB and the storage space 3.8 Mib is almost 300%!

Frequency Distribution

no. nodessizeNo. of files
828-32 KiB1
724-28 KiB913%
620-24 KiB4
516-20 KiB2
412-16 KiB81%
38-12 KiB182%
24-8 KiB385%
10-4 KiB66989%
1-80-32 KiB749100%

As I keep all my note files in the same directory, the statistic can be automatically generated with:

du -B 4096 -a | cut -f 1 | sort -r | uniq -c


The findings from the above statistics:

  1. The total of 749 note files shows, that I use Tp-Note quite a lot. Especially when you consider, that the numbers represent only my private reading and that I am using Tp-Note at work as well.

  2. This way of note talking is very disk space efficient: all notes files of the whole year together do not occupy more than 4MiB on disk. This includes all space that is occupied by half filled nodes. To compare, one single compressed JPG photo with a resolution of 20M pixel occupies more disk space: around 6MiB.

  3. Approximately 90% of all notes are smaller than 4KiB and contain an hyperlink and sometimes a small comment. Their content correspond to the use case: bookmark and comment a hyperlink.

  4. Longer notes, greater than 16KiB contain mostly excerpts and notes annotating articles and Youtube videos. These correspond mostly to the use case: best practice.

The latter results support Tp-Note's main design goal: fast generate note files from clipboard data.

As you can see from the above Tp-Note is quite useful for me. But how about you? What is your main use case of Tp-Note? Please leave a comment on Reddit.

Read more

A good start is Tp-Note's project page, the introductory video or [other blog posts about Tp-Note]. The source code is available on Gitlab - getreu/tp-note and some binaries and packages for Linux, Windows and Mac can be found here. To fully profit of Tp-note, I recommend reading Tp-Note's user manual. When you like Tp-Note, you probably soon want to customize it. How to do so, is explained in Tp-Note's manual page.