One of my favorite use case of Tp-Note is the quick documentation of hyperlinks of any kind. All you need for this, is a browser addon like Firefox add-on to copy selection as Markdown. The rest is automatic, Tp-Note's templates generate the note without intervention.

As of Tp-Note version 1.8.x, a new feature "web browser note viewer" supports this use case: When you launch Tp-Note with

tp-note -v "my"

the default web browser opens an html rendition of your note. Then your link target is only one click away. The same feature is now available in editing mode also: here the browser window follows live the modifications of the note file:

tp-note "my"

Of course, the advanced user does not type anything on the command line. The trick is to integrate Tp-Note in your file manager.

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A good start is Tp-Note's project page or the introductory video. The source code is available on GitHub - getreu/tp-note and some binaries and packages for Linux, Windows and Mac can be found here. To fully profit of Tp-note, I recommend reading Tp-Note's user manual. When you like Tp-Note, you probably soon want to customize it. How to do so, is explained in Tp-Note's manual page.