Note taking with reStructuredText


This project is discontinued. Please use tp-note instead. The code of tp-note is generic and works with all markup languages.

Markup languages like reStructuredText are perfectly suited for quick note taking. Type your notes with your favourite editor, view and browse them with Chromium, Chrome or Firefox.

All you need is the so called rst-note ash-script, the python packages restview, docutils, pygments and any browser of your choice: Chromium, Chrome or Firefox.

This is the documentation of the bin/rst-note program. rst-note runs under Linux and Windows. [1] The script operates in four modes depending on it’s options (see ):

New note:Creates a new context depending rst note file.
Edit notes:Launches an editor.
View notes:Launches a live-previewer (Firefox, Chrome of Chromium).
Sync filename:Renames the filename to be in sync with the document’s title.

The project is hosted on Github: restructuredtext-notetaking.

[1]MacOsX ships with the BSD sed tool which is not compatible with GNU sed. Workaround: run in rst-note in busybox.


  1. Read the installation guide for Linux or Windows.
  2. Read about the 2 most common use cases in How students take notes.

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