Bucket-NAS: Set up an encrypted NAS on Odroid-C2 or Rasbperry 3 with OpenMediaVault (OVM)

This note explains how to set up a cheap Raid 1 NAS with an Odroid or Rasbperry board and two USB-harddisks using OpenMediaVault. Only very cheap and largely available hardware components are used. When very high availability is required it is recommended to hold available a second Oroid/Rasbperry board with a mirrored SD-card containing the NAS operating system. In this way the system has no single point of failure.

Java at school / Java à l'école

Java at school / Java à l'école is a collection of self-learning Java exercises in French for A-level students.

Java à l’école est un recueil d’exercices pour débutants sans connaissances d’autres langages de programmation. Contrairement à d’autres méthodes didactiques les exercices introduisent directement les bases de la programmation orientée objet en respectant le concept de programmation "Architecture Modèle/Vue/Contrôleur".

Secure Programming of Resource Constrained Devices

Slides of a presentation I held in Warsaw, 16 January 2018.

  • Causes of embedded systems vulnerabilities and weaknesses

  • Dealing with malicious input and integrating this in the development process

  • Explanation of Rust programming technology and system response testing

Note taking with Pandoc

This project is discontinued. Please use tp-note instead. The code of tp-note is more generic, works with all markup languages (including Markdown).

Markup languages like Markdown, ReStructuredText, textile, txt2tags or mediawiki are perfectly suited for fast note taking. Type your notes with your favorite editor, chose your favorite markup language and view them with Chromium, Chrome or Firefox .

All you need is the pandoc-note script, the Pandoc format converter, an editor of your choice and Chromium, Chrome or Firefox as live previewer. If not available, pandoc-note also works without pandoc.