Tp-Note news: fast note taking for system administrators (and console lovers)

The template based note-taking tool Tp-Note was originally designed as desktop application: Before creating a new note, the user copies interesting bits of text into the clipboard. When Tp-Note starts, it analyses the clipboard's content and fills out some template to create a new note. This is why people who are working with non-graphical headless systems could not use Tp-Note efficiently: in general, these systems offer no clipboard. With version 1.7, Tp-Note comes with a new feature making it interesting for system administrators and console lovers: instead of injecting data into the templates via the clipboard, Tp-Note also reads the standard I/O input stream stdin. This way Tp-Note offers its full functionality on headless systems.

Tip: If you are new to Tp-Note, you may want to watch the introductory video about Tp-Note.

Install the international US keyboard layout with the European EurKEY extension on Debian from source

EurKEY - The European Keyboard Layout is based on the American keyboard layout. It is well suited for translators and programmers who are used to the US keyboard layout. It has has a very convenient access to European letters and accents.

This note explains how to install the latest version 1.3 on Debian Linux.

For Windows instructions please refer to: Install the international US keyboard layout with the European EurKEY extension on Windows.

ASCII-Hangman for Kids is available as Web-App

ASCII-Hangman is guessing game for children with ASCII-art rewarding. It was originally designed to revise vocabulary in classroom, but can be used alone also. The setting up of the vocabulary list is part of the learning process.

I am happy to announce that the newly released ASCII-Hangman version 5.0.0 comes with a Web interface allowing to play online without installation. The desktop versions for Linux, Mac and Windows are continued.

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