ASCII-Hangman is guessing game for children with ASCII-art rewarding. It was originally designed to revise vocabulary in classroom, but can be used alone also. The setting up of the vocabulary list is part of the learning process.

I am happy to announce that the newly released ASCII-Hangman version 5.0.0 comes with a Web interface allowing to play online without installation. The desktop versions for Linux, Mac and Windows are continued.

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Due to common security requirements most teachers are not allowed to install software in class any more. This Web-App version does not require installation, but needs an Internet connection for some seconds at the beginning. Once it is started no further Internet connection is required. Technically, the program runs entirely in the browser, which helps when the Internet connection is not very reliable.

ASCII-hangman Web-App

Hangman is a paper and pencil guessing game for two or more players. One player thinks of a word, phrase or sentence and the other tries to guess it by suggesting letters or numbers, within a certain number of guesses. In this version for children the computer selects a word, phrase or sentence randomly out of a word-list defined in a configuration file. In the course of the game ASCII-Art images - designed for children - are progressively disclosed. There are 300 built in ASCII-Art images from which one is chosen randomly at the beginning of the game. Alternatively own ASCII-Art can be provided in the configuration file.

Read more online or download the ASCII-Hangman--manual.

You can play the web-app Online Version of ASCII-Hangman or download the binaries for Windows, MacOS and Linux on Releases ยท getreu/ascii-hangman. A zip-file with all documentation and binaries for some architectures is available here. The source code is available on Github: getreu/ascii-hangman